Donn Claybaugh: Support Our Troops

Donn Claybaugh entered the U.S. Navy as a torpedoman’s mate in 1943 and served for the rest of World War II on the destroyer U.S.S. Hudson. He served in many campaigns in the South Pacific, and his ship was involved in more major battles in the Pacific than any other ship during the war. From his ship on February 23, 1945, Donn saw the U.S. Marines raise the flag atop Mount Suribachi during the battle of Iwo Jima. He endured a life of pain from a shoulder injury incurred during the war, showing his great sacrifice for freedom and country.

When asked for his thoughts about the men, women, and families serving our country today, Donn said, “I think everybody should support them. When you know of a serviceperson—man or woman—seek them out and see if there’s something you can do for them.”

In this interview, Winn Claybaugh interviews his World War II father, Donn Claybaugh. It’s a special call to action, not a political statement; just a humble and passionate journey to discover how the beauty industry can support a group of individuals who need our love, comfort, attention, and gratitude-the troops and families who have made a great sacrifice by sending their loved ones to serve and protect this great nation. “I feel so lucky to have had a father who sacrificed so much for our country and his family,” Winn says.

Donn and Jeanne Claybaugh - 1943      Winn-Donn-Jeanne Claybaugh 2011


Winn interviews actor, musician, and humanitarian Gary Sinise, a beautiful, humble, and kindhearted man who does extraordinary work on behalf of all military men and women, their families, veterans, and first responders. No matter what your charitable cause or advocacy passion, Gary is the ultimate mentor on what it means to have a servant’s heart.