Alethea Crimmins: Positivity Queen – Having a Good Day on Purpose!

Alethea Crimmins, the globally acclaimed “positivity queen” and self-proclaimed “international hype girl,” has become a beacon of inspiration with a colossal online following exceeding two million devoted supporters. Celebrated for her daily motivational mantras, including empowering phrases like “Be Great in Their Face” and “Have a Good Day on Purpose,” each punctuated with her signature “Ya’ Welcome,” Alethea has established the influential brand, Pimpin’ Positivity, dedicated to uplifting millions across the globe.

Beyond her compelling online presence, Alethea extends her positive impact through various avenues. On her popular podcast, Pimpin’ Positivity with Alethea Crimmins, Alethea’s dynamic and authentic approach, characterized by a loud yet soothing demeanor, forges a personal connection with her audience that transcends the digital realm.

Having made two impactful appearances on the Jennifer Hudson Show, Alethea showcased her motivational prowess and infectious enthusiasm, leaving an indelible mark on both the audience and JHUD herself. Alethea’s reach extends to corporate conferences, where she serves as a keynote speaker, delivering compelling messages of wisdom, positivity, and empowerment to diverse audiences.

In addition to her role as a life coach and entrepreneur, Alethea’s journey is underscored by her passion for music, with a penchant for singing and performing in a reggae band. With a 15-year career in education molding the minds of preschool students, she brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to her motivational journey.

Alethea’s commitment to family is deeply rooted, having created her own after overcoming rejection from blood relatives. Embracing qualities that others sought to bury, she transforms personal pain into a powerful sense of purpose.

Recognized and reposted by influential figures such as Madonna, Viola Davis, and Rihanna, Alethea is not just a motivational speaker but a global influencer shaping a movement of empowerment, self-love, and positivity. As she continues to inspire millions, she remains dedicated to her role as the “international hype girl,” forging connections that resonate with hearts and minds across the globe.

Interviewed by Winn Claybaugh, this “positivity queen” delivers in-your-face passion and energy with undeniable impact. Her MASTERS interview became an hour-long extended affirmation that everyone needs to hear on a daily basis. Alethea’s transparent conversation with Winn discusses her own struggles with mental illness, body dysmorphia, addressing the “haters,” and her daily practice of self-talk that has now turned into short video clips viewed by millions of people. Part of this podcast includes Alethea sharing samples of what her social media videos are all about, designed especially for the MASTERS by Winn Claybaugh audience.