Will Elliott: Unstoppable U Coaching

Will Elliott is a leading life coach for teens and is dedicated to helping the next generation live confident, bold, and purpose-driven lives. He coaches teens and parents, helping them develop unshakeable confidence and indestructible character so they can take action to become truly unstoppable. He is passionate about making personal growth fun for kids and taking the stress out of parenting by teaching parents to connect effectively with their teens.

Will’s desire to lead young people began in college during a summer sales internship. He fell in love with encouraging and empowering students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and quickly realized this coaching needed to reach middle school and high school students all over the world. Since his realization in 2019, Will has spent over 5,000 hours coaching students.

Interviewed by Winn Claybaugh, Will takes on topics from self-talk, goal identification, screen time, success principles, and success habits to little-girl drama. (Winn had to throw that in there!) Will and Winn laugh about the fact that Will is a successful coach, helping parents with their tweens and teens, even though he’s only 26 years old. Will responds that it wasn’t that long ago that he was a teen, which absolutely gives him a great perspective.

Will shares his brilliant advice for parents, which is also great advice for all human-to human relationships: avoid turning every conversation into a lecture and avoid talking only about school with your kids. He believes that taking a genuine interest in what matters to our kids (and others) is as important as oxygen for them.



Website: https://app.unstoppableucoaching.com/waitlist
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coachingwithwill