Anne Mahlum: Living Life on My Own Terms

Anne Mahlum is an entrepreneur, CEO, philanthropist, and athlete whose mission is to help as many people as possible live their most optimized lives. She is the founder and executive chairwoman of [solidcore], a fast-growing boutique fitness company with over 90 locations in the U.S.

Anne is a true self-made success story, with multiple entrepreneurial ventures resulting in a personal net worth of over $100 million and an impact on thousands of lives. Her newest venture, Ambition, is a fitness and wellness concept launching in New York City in 2023. Ambition combines four fitness modalities under one roof, along with wellness products and programming, bringing a much-needed paradigm shift to the fitness industry.

A lifelong visionary, Anne is also the founder of Back on My Feet, a national nonprofit organization that uses running as a vehicle to help those experiencing homelessness change the way they see themselves and become empowered to change their lives.

Anne also brings her experience and ongoing desire to learn and share success strategies on her new podcast, “How to … with Anne Mahlum,” which launched in 2023.

Interviewed by Winn Claybaugh, Anne tells what it means to help people tap into the best versions of themselves. Because of her success in establishing a national nonprofit to help homeless individuals change the way they see themselves, her clarity on addressing our basic human need to receive validation, encouragement, and praise is a big part of her focus and message. Anne also discusses what it means to be a serial entrepreneur, not being afraid to change your circumstances, living life on your own terms, living alcohol free, and the power of questioning societal norms to continuously reinvent yourself.