Lori Harder: Author, Speaker & Creator of “Earn Your Happy” Podcast

Lori Harder has built three separate seven-figure businesses. She is the founder and CEO of Lite Pink, a female-founded and focused beverage company. She is the bestselling author of A Tribe Called Bliss, founder of the Bliss Project event, and host of the Forbes Top 11 business podcast, Earn Your Happy, with over 45 million downloads. Lori also co-hosts the Girlfriends and Business podcast with Alli Webb (founder of Drybar) and Brittany Driscoll (founder of Squeeze).

Lori started her career in the fitness industry as a 3-time fitness world champion, 11-time fitness cover model, and gym owner. Her true calling and passion for business was revealed through her experience becoming a top seven-figure earner in a network marketing company, where she helped thousands of women grow their businesses. This led her to create her own online courses and educational entrepreneur events.

Lori splits her time between California and Arizona with her husband Chris and their two dogs, Bananas and Bonkers.

Interviewed by Winn Claybaugh, Lori is one of the easiest mentors to listen to-as if you were having breakfast with your best friend. This fitness entrepreneur has so much more to say, including insights on personal fulfillment, the power of being vulnerable, and giving meaning to things that have happened to you. Lori is passionate about blazing trails for the underdog, creating a “tribe” to support and sustain your journey, and living your bliss.



Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/loriharder/