Melissa Yamaguchi: Own Your Energy, Own Your Life

Melissa Yamaguchi is a dynamic energy therapist, feng shui speaker, and educator who travels the world teaching lessons on balance for individuals through the practice of feng shui. Melissa has been a student of feng shui for over 20 years, and her classes and seminars are sold-out venues, thanks to her humorous delivery. Described as “Erma Bombeck meets Dorothy Parker with a hard shot of truth,” Melissa mixes humor with self-awareness to encourage individuals to take ownership of their energy and their lives.

From large corporations to post-secondary education to private clients, the need for change or understanding begins with the individual: an awareness of self-knowledge. Melissa believes that working on your life takes a concerted focus and may seem a bit daunting, like keeping all plates spinning simultaneously, and the trick is in knowing when and how to work on them in harmony. To successfully navigate the journey before you, you must take into account all factors: you, your relationship with those around you, the environment, the destination and goal. The exciting possibility of feng shui and grasping its teaching is that once you understand your own energy, you can learn how to control your reactions. You are no longer subjected to the adage, “It is what it is,” because, as Melissa will teach you, “It doesn’t have to be.”

Melissa served as the first president of the Professional Beauty Association and the first female president of the Salon Association, comprised of national salon owners. She has spoken at educational and motivational seminars internationally in the Philippines, South Africa, and Canada as well as the United States. She has twice served as judge on the Global Best Foundation entrepreneurial leadership event sponsored by the Anderson School of Business at UCLA. She has served as keynote speaker for large corporations and conferences and presented feng shui for business leaders in the United States. Melissa takes a pragmatic approach of wedding innovative ideas to practical operational applications.

Interviewed by Winn Claybaugh, this powerful leader, mentor, and healer talks about the daunting task of keeping all plates spinning. “The trick is knowing when and how to work on them in harmony,” says Melissa. Her timely message shares the most effective measures for taking ownership of your energy and your life.



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