Michael Cole: Six Dimensions of Wellness for Life

Michael Cole has accumulated over 35 years of experience as a stylist, manager, executive chain director, and multiple salon owner. He is a teacher, author, and developer of training programs that have empowered thousands of salon professionals worldwide to enjoy more prosperous and purposeful careers.

Michael is a founder, stockholder, board member, and facilitator of Summit Salon Business Center, where he continues to teach and develop salon training programs. For more than 20 years, he has been the founder and president of Salon Development Corporation, an international company specializing in salon business training. He is a world-renowned recipient of numerous awards for his contributions in helping tens of thousands of salon professionals transform their businesses.

The key to Michael’s success is his unique ability to observe current and future business trends and translate them into systems and methods by which salons achieve dramatic growth.

Interviewed again for MASTERS by Winn Claybaugh (the first time was in 1996), Michael reveals his personal struggles and conquests in life, adding a level of transparency and realism to this heartfelt, powerful interview. Michael’s message about the six dimensions of wellness for life-financial, physical, emotional, mental, relationships, and spirit-will prove to be an effective compass as you take inventory on your journey toward bliss, prosperity, happiness, and wellness.



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