Audrey-May Prosper: Women’s Empowerment Leader and Speaker

Warning: This interview contains material that some listeners may find disturbing due to its graphic nature.

In 2009, Audrey-May Prosper almost lost her life after being sexually assaulted, brutally beaten with a hammer, and ultimately set on fire by her husband and father of her two sons. Since then she made the decision to use her voice for good by sharing the invaluable lessons she’s learned about how to thrive.

Born to two parents who met and fell in love at military boot camp, Audrey-May Prosper had no idea that the first 30 years of her life would become a constant battlefield. Like most people who fall in love and get married without taking time to discover themselves and heal their wounds, her parents’ marriage quickly became toxic and ended in turmoil. This created feelings of anger, abandonment, unworthiness, and utter desperation in Audrey-May.

As most of us do, she ignored her feelings and “pressed on” in life, until the emotional silence became unbearable when she learned her brother was arrested for double homicide. With him now facing the death penalty, abandonment became a harsh reality yet again, so she buried herself in drugs, alcohol, and promiscuity. This left only one thing for her to do: run! Run as fast and as hard as she could away from herself, her home city, and the pain.

On the hunt for someone to rescue her, she ran straight into the arms of a man who was an expert at saving damsels in distress: a New York City police officer and hero from the 9/11 attacks. Audrey-May thought she was finally safe, but like anyone running away from their past, there comes a time when we all run out of breath and have to take a break for the sole purpose of facing our reality.

After having two sons and marrying Chris, she realized he was just as wounded as she was. His lies, affairs, and gambling finally became too much. Just 6 weeks after she asked for a divorce, her former beauty queen looks and fairly normal life were forever altered in a horrific attack where Chris attempted to rape her with a butcher knife to her throat, beat her repeatedly in the head with a hammer, drench her in gasoline, and set her on fire.

Barely alive and 80% burned, Audrey-May spent the next six weeks in a coma. She woke up feeling overwhelmingly grateful that her two sons wouldn’t grow up orphans. More important, she finally reached the point where she could no longer physically or metaphorically run from her past or her wounds. Instead she set out on a journey to discover who she was and what God had saved her to do.

Now an international women’s empowerment leader and speaker, Audrey-May has dedicated her life to helping others own their truth, heal their wounds, discover their true identity, and live their God-given purpose. She is the founder of the women’s empowerment company, Your Thrive Tribe, where she educates women on how to thrive in all categories of their lives. Her mission in life is to be the change she wishes to see. She has shared her story and vision with Dr. Phil, Anderson Cooper, 48 Hours, I Survived, Who the Bleep Did I Marry, Kiss of Death, Inside Edition, The Doctors, Your Worst Nightmare, Maury Povich, The Washington Post, New York Times, and many more.

Interviewed by Winn Claybaugh, this amazing “thriver” now uses her voice for good by sharing the invaluable lessons she’s learned. Her messages of forgiveness and her definitions of identity and beauty will bring you hope and empowerment.